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All custom cakes must be ordered
at least 72 hours in advance from pick-up.

Custom Cakes

In search of a cake for your next birthday party or event? Carina’s bakery in Beaverton has got you covered! All our cakes are baked in-house, 100% vegan, and can be made to fit your personal style and favorite flavors. Cakes are for special order only and are not available in store. Call or stop in to order your cake for pickup!

By popular demand, we now have a cake program! We use thorough recipes to insure you are getting the best, moist, flavorful cakes that you won’t believe are vegan (and often gluten free!) We use the best cruelty-free ingredients (no dairy, eggs, honey, or soy), and natural colors (either homemade or from Color Kitchen) and bring in decorators to help us out, so you are paying for a cake you can truly feel good about!

As a Swedish, social enterprising bakery, our cakes are not pre-made and are not ready to pick up anytime. Fill out an order form here or call at least 72 hours in advance to place your order. If you have general questions about cake pricing and availability, call our store at 503-339-3187

Let’s get baking!

For better expense control, we now have a cash discount program. Cash, check, and debit payers will be charged the listed price, while credit card processing fees will be added to those transactions. Thanks for your understanding and support of Carina’s Bakery.

Variety Pack Vegan Cupcakes


We offer a variety of cake flavors! Every cake is made with delicious vegan ingredients. We even bake cakes for our gluten- free customers to enjoy. Looking for a buttercream cake? We can handle that! There’s a cake flavor for everyone at Carina’s Bakery! Which flavor will you try next?

Vegan Chocolate Cake
Carinas Bakery Custom Cake
Chocolate Drip Cake

Baseline Pricing

Please confirm with us when placing your order as your needs and wishes may reflect differently in the final price. Sheet cakes are also available. Call for more information.

Cake Decorating Carina's Bakery

Multi-Tier Round Cakes

9 inch, 2-tier: $100

12 inch, 3-tier: $140

Custom Baked Birthday Cake

Single-Tier Round Cakes

Choose from 2 thick layers or 3 thin layers

6 inch: $45

9 inch: $65

Custom Baked Dog Cake

Look-Alike Cakes

(ex. burger cake)

6 inch: $60

9 inch: $90

* Due to any extra planning & intricate decorating, look-alike cakes may include a $35-45 charge, depending on size & complexity. Please call with your ideas.

Decoration Add-Ons

  • Molded Items $25-50/cake
    $25/dz cupcakes

    Such as marzipan roses or fondant

  • Additional Elements $5 ea.

    Such as writing or flowers

All custom cakes must be ordered
at least 72 hours in advance from pick-up.