We will not be accepting most cake orders after 03/26/2022, as we will be short staffed. Please call the bakery at (503) 339-3187 with specific questions or orders.

Carina's Bakery
Custom Cake Order Form

* Please note the final price may vary depending on your cakes needs and wishes.*
* All custom cakes must be ordered at least 72 hours in advance (Monday-Saturday) from pick-up.*
Cancelations on cake orders cannot be made within 36 hours of pickup date.*
* Due to any extra planning & intricate decorating, look-alike cakes may include a $35-45 charge, depending on size & complexity. Please call with your ideas. *
Please call the bakery at 503-339-3187 with any questions or concerns about your order.

We are working to bring you a new and improved order form. In the meantime, please call the bakery to submit orders at (503) 339-3187. Thank you for your patience!