Our breads are based upon the grains grown and easily sourced in Scandinavia, along with the much-loved exotic spices brought to them by the Vikings. The most traditional of breads are hearty enough to last through a long winter, but German and French influences often make it into Scandinavian breads as well for more variety and indulgence. You’ll also find some American influence (especially local produce) when it seems most fitting. We also carry gluten-free breads! See below for our selection.

Gluten Free and Traditional Breads Baked Locally

Bread Offerings:


Fennel Raisin

Limpa (Swedish Rye Bread; ½ wheat, ½ rye and flavored with fennel, cardamom, and orange)

Irish Brown Bread

Sourdough Dakota Bread (Molasses White Bread)



Cardamom Bread

“Honey” Millet Sandwich Bread (gf)

Pumpernickel (gf)

Oatmeal Spice Bread (gf)

Focaccia (gf)

*Note: We do not have all breads available in the bakery at all times. If you are looking to purchase a specific loaf of bread, please send an email to with your name, phone number, which type of bread you would like, and which day you would like to pick it up.

If you’re interested in a loaf of fresh bread each week, be sure to check out our Community Supported Bread (CSB) program.