Savory Menu

Prices subject to change. Not all items available on all days of the week and are based on ingredient availability and seasonality.

* All savory bites are gluten-free

Vegan Treats From Carina's Bakery

4725 SW Lombard Ave # 108, Beaverton, OR 97005


Our signature versions of classic, Swedish, open-faced sandwiches. All made in house. Packed with flavor & color to create a great lunch experience.

  • Carrot Lox Smörgås

    Gluten free or Swedish rye bread topped with cashew cheese, cured and roasted carrot “lox”, and radish.

  • Chickpea Salad Smörgås

    Gluten free or Swedish rye bread, seasonal greens, chickpea salad (mayo, celery, herbs, spices, cranberries or raisins), and seasonal pickles.

  • Smörgås Special

    Ask our staff about available options. May cost extra for combo/trio.

  • Single Smörgås $6.00 - 9.00
  • Smörgås and Salad Combo $10.00
  • Smörgås Trio $15.00

Gluten-free smörgås options available upon request.

Smorgas Lunch Carina's Bakery
Vegan Sausage Rolls at Carina's Bakery
  • Cheeze & Scallion Biscuit $4.00
  • "Sausage" Roll $3.75
  • Pickle Plate $5.00
  • Veggie Pot Pie $9.00
  • Mushroom Schmeat Pie $8.50
  • Bowl (Pint) of Soup (Seasonal) $5.00
  • Quart of Soup (Seasonal) $9.00