Retaurants & Retailers

Attract more customers with flavor-packed, inspiring vegan options! Whether you want to order packaged goodies like almond cake, unbelievably buttery vegan shortbread, and carrot lox; or you want to create a stunning four star vegan dish to add to your restaurant menu, we are here to help.

Menu Consulting

Carina has an MBA and a pastry degree – so whether you’re looking to add vegan items to your menu, or just need some tips on how to fine tune your menu, Carina can help. Portland is known as catering to every type of dietary restriction, so if your restaurant does not have alternative options for vegans and vegetarians, you’re one step behind the game. With dishes like Cardamom Pear Bread Pudding, Lavender Creme Brulé, Radish Poke, and White Bean Gnocchi you’ll have recipes and guidance for pleasing every vegan who walks through your door.

Fresh Parfait Carina's Bakery

Wholesale Baked Goods

Add our stunning vegan challah, energizing no-sugar-added banana bread, and fan favorite Scandinavian Almond Cake to your cafe menu or store offerings. Below is just the beginning of what we can offer you, givne storage and shelving constraints

Vanilla Lime Shortbread Vegan Cookies
Whole Grain Cranberry Orange Vegan Scones
Fresh Baked Vegan Coffee Cake